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This Naked Mind Podcast

Jun 30, 2018

I’m drinking at home alone at night to quiet the noise, relax and fall asleep faster, so how can I stop doing that? Annie explains why alcohol seems to provide a temporary sense of relaxation, why quieting the noise isn’t actually a great idea and how alcohol truly affects our sleep patterns.

Jun 29, 2018

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is the founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss and her mission is to “help women lose weight while loving themselves again”. Annie gets so many questions about food and sugar cravings and addiction so she brought her friend, and an expert on this topic, Kaelin on because her method uses many of the...

Jun 23, 2018

Naltrexone and The Sinclair Method come up all the time in reader’s questions to Annie.  Annie spends some time explaining what Naltrexone is and how The Sinclair Method works based on her research as well as the feedback from so many of her readers.


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One Little Pill

Annie’s Podcast with...

Jun 22, 2018

Rob Lohman is the founder of The Addiction Recovery Hub and Host of the Beyond the Bars Radio Podcast.  Rob shares with Annie about his story of immense addiction and his amazing journey through recovery in such an honest and raw way.  Rob’s journey has brought him to a place where he has such a heart for...

Jun 16, 2018

So many of us have turned to alcohol in times where we just want to lose ourselves and escape the pressure and noise.  What can we do to get out of this cycle?  Annie answers this question with some great information and amazing advice.

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