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This Naked Mind Podcast

Jul 28, 2018

Is it better to keep track of our alcohol free days or just to not think about it?  Annie answers this question that we all have asked ourselves by describing her own personal experiences as well as providing some insightful information about the differences in each of our journeys.


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Better Than Before...

Jul 27, 2018

Sheila had a 45 year history with alcohol where she thought many times about trying to stop drinking before she finally did.  She shares her story with Annie about how she grew up around alcohol being a very normal part of life and discusses when she eventually started questioning her drinking habits.  Sheila describes...

Jul 21, 2018

When we finally find freedom in our relationship with alcohol, many of us experience feelings of pure elation and joy.  But what happens if that feeling wears off?  How do we cope with the end of the “honeymoon phase” of being alcohol free? Annie shares her own personal experience and provides us with some...

Jul 20, 2018

Does Alcohol really contribute to weight gain?  Annie Grace explains the three main reasons why alcohol makes us fat, according to scientific research. She also debunks some widely accepted myths about alcohol and it’s sugar content as well as how alcohol processes in our bodies.

Jul 14, 2018

We may have absorbed all of the information we need to experience a mindset shift when it comes to our desire to drink, but then we go out with friends and all of that seems to fade away.  How are we supposed to get through social interactions where everyone is drinking, without breaking down and having a drink?  Annie...