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This Naked Mind Podcast

Nov 22, 2019

She was “that girl”….that DJ / party girl.  Jessica, the founder of A Sober Girl's Guide, joins Annie today for a charismatic, funny, RAW interview that you CANNOT miss!! Jessica tells us about the party life she lived in the city of angels and what kinds of CRAZY things started happening that finally woke her up and helped her find a sober life. Find out what Jessica is doing these days to help others live their best life.

Are you looking to connect with like-minded people? Sometimes maybe you feel like you have all this information from doing This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment, but you’re living in a world where people don’t speak your language.

That is why I created The Exchange. The Exchange from This Naked Mind is an online community where we meet face to face, live with video calls multiple times a week with people from all over the world just to connect and have somewhere that you are seen, you are heard, and you feel less alone.  A place where you can really give back and get the support you need.  If this sounds great to you, check it out at

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