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This Naked Mind Podcast

Feb 19, 2021

Growing up in the UK and Africa, Emma remembers alcohol was always present. She and her friends began drinking in their mid-teens - they did not socialize without booze. In her 20s and 30s, Emma lived a hectic stressful life working internationally for some huge corporations. She moved to Australia, became a mother, and continued drinking - in fact, even with healthy hobbies like running, Emma’s world began to revolve around alcohol and she didn’t think she could do anything about it. She burned out, left work. A drunken fall sent her to the emergency room. On today’s episode, Emma and Annie talk about Emma’s journey to find freedom from alcohol and become a This Naked Mind coach as well as the impact of adult drinking on the children in their lives, even when there’s no physical violence or verbal abuse involved. 

I'm so excited you guys, because we are just about to start another live alcohol experiment. If you do not know about the alcohol experiment, you need to literally drop everything right now and go to That's L-A-E for Live Alcohol Experiment. And here's the thing, this 30 day challenge is designed to interrupt your patterns and put you back in touch with the best version of you. You'll know it's that version that's living the most joyful life. That version that doesn't need alcohol to relax or have a good time. And that version that's having more fun and is more peaceful than ever. Again, it's a 30 day challenge. It's live. It's starting on the 1st so hurry up, go to

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