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This Naked Mind Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Today, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard welcomes Certified Naked Mind senior coach Robbie Saner Sullivan as his guest co-host. Robbie is a mom of three, and a former wine drinker and news junkie who has learned to put herself first and give back in meaningful ways that don’t deplete her. She and Scott team up to offer some coaching around three questions:

  1. All my friends drink. Everything we do is centered around drinking. If I quit drinking will I have to reinvent my entire social life?
  2. What do you say when someone asks what your favorite wine is because they want to give you a gift?
  3. Can everyone moderate?

And, finally, Scott asks Robbie “The Big Question.”

I'm so excited you guys, because we are just about to start another live alcohol experiment. If you do not know about the alcohol experiment, you need to literally drop everything right now and go to That's L-A-E for Live Alcohol Experiment. And here's the thing, this 30 day challenge is designed to interrupt your patterns and put you back in touch with the best version of you. You'll know it's that version that's living the most joyful life. That version that doesn't need alcohol to relax or have a good time. And that version that's having more fun and is more peaceful than ever. Again, it's a 30 day challenge. It's live. It's starting on the 1st so hurry up, go to

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