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This Naked Mind Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

Growing up in New Zealand, Lisa was one of five children. She remembers being aware her mother had a problem with alcohol but didn’t notice alcohol in their daily lives. At university, nicotine became Lisa’s go-to stress reliever. Alcohol crept in later, very slowly for a long time, and then ramped up after Lisa’s second child was stillborn and she blamed herself for the death. Drinking felt like sanity to Lisa - it made life feel better and she couldn’t imagine why she would ever stop. A fall while walking her dog landed Lisa in the doctor's office where she expressed her concern about her alcohol consumption to someone for the first time. Listen as Lisa shares her story with Annie - how she went from feeling alone and broken in her own private Hell to watching her life come back into focus, and becoming a Certified This Naked Mind Coach.

Hi, it's Annie Grace. I wanted to interrupt this podcast, I guess the end of this podcast, to say that if you are totally serious about actually truly and forevermore transforming your relationship with alcohol, really leaving it behind in the rearview mirror for once and forever, and changing your psychology about it, we have a program called The PATH that is created specifically for you.

Now it's not for you if you are still dabbling or still trying to figure out where you want to be or maybe even still want to moderate.     

All those things are fine, but if you are beyond that and you're like, "No, I just want to be done with this. I'm ready to invest some time and I'm ready to just make this happen." I want you to check out at, and join us in The PATH where you receive coach-guided and community support so that you can truly make this lasting change you want in your life.

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