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This Naked Mind Podcast

Dec 24, 2021

Katie experienced a traumatic attack one night and she turned to a therapist to deal with the aftereffects. When antidepressant meds were prescribed, Katie began feeling the urge to drink alcohol. 

Her daily drinking was not helping with the sadness she was feeling and she soon began questioning the other substance that she was putting in her body. 

Find out how Katie’s new alcohol-free beginning enabled her to finally be vulnerable enough to deal with some deep generational trauma.

I'm so excited you guys, because we are just about to start another live alcohol experiment. If you do not know about the alcohol experiment, you need to literally drop everything right now and go to And here's the thing, this 30 day challenge is designed to interrupt your patterns and put you back in touch with the best version of you. You'll know it's that version that's living the most joyful life. That version that doesn't need alcohol to relax or have a good time. And that version that's having more fun and is more peaceful than ever. Again, it's a 30 day challenge. It's live. It's starting on the 1st so hurry up, go to

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