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This Naked Mind Podcast

May 13, 2022

Michael started frequenting pubs at an early age, but in his early 30s began to question the connection between alcohol and the mental health issues he was experiencing.

He slowed down for a while but it wasn't long before he returned to the booze. When he decided to truly quit, he was surprised to find his irritability was gone.

Find out how he is now relishing in feeling fully present to every moment with his new alcohol-free life.

Hi. Super exciting news. So The Alcohol Experiment book is being released. Actually it got released just a few days ago with the expanded edition. What does expanded edition mean? It means that every single day throughout the book there are deep reflective journal entries that have been added with space to write which is so cool and so exciting. So you really make it your own. And, the reason I did this is because I truly believe that the deepest wisdom you will access throughout the 30 days of The Alcohol Experiment comes from within you. You know more about what’s best for you than anybody else in the entire world. And I know sometimes that can be hard to believe but when you really access your own wisdom it is so profound. So you can pick up your own copy at and check it out. It’s really powerful.

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