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This Naked Mind Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

Ever feel trapped in a world where everyone's holding a drink, but you're desperate to break free? That's exactly where Dustin found himself, growing up in a Midwest culture where alcohol was as American as apple pie. Crowded bars and backslaps masked the hollowness he felt, the whispered expectations about men and booze a chorus drowning out his own voice. But one day, a spark ignited within him. A spark that would shatter his preconceptions, redefine his self-worth, and ultimately, fuel a revolution against the very thing that held him captive. This is Dustin's story – a gripping journey of self-discovery, fueled by "This Naked Mind" and culminating in creating an Alcohol-Free Revolution. Join us as he peels back the layers of addiction, challenges toxic norms, and proves that one voice, one choice, can truly change the world, one drink at a time.

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