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This Naked Mind Podcast

Feb 16, 2024

Michelle's journey from "fun alcoholic" to thriving teetotaler wasn't easy. Grappling with a family history of addiction, she navigated years of social drinking that morphed into a secret struggle. But her story shows the power of making a firm decision. Join Annie Grace as Michelle delves into her life intertwined with alcohol, from her earliest memories to the life-changing decision of quitting alcohol with 75 hard and how This Naked Mind became her ride-along partner in change. She'll share her struggles with the grip alcohol held on her family, her personal battles with self-doubt and fear, and the moment she realized she couldn't continue down the same path as her father. This episode is raw and honest, exploring the painful realities of alcohol dependence and the incredible strength it takes to break free. Get ready to be inspired by Michelle's journey as she rediscovers joy, freedom, and a life brimming with possibility, all without a single drop.

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