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This Naked Mind Podcast

Feb 23, 2024

Denise thought she had a normal relationship with alcohol. She drank two drinks a day, never got hangovers, and maintained a successful career. But deep down, she knew something was wrong. Her mixed feelings about drinking meant she felt guilty, ashamed, and secretly craved more. A middle-of-the-night internet search to get her life together brought her to This Naked Mind and The Path, a discovery that changed her relationship with alcohol forever. This week on the podcast, Denise shares her incredible journey from "responsible drinker" to alcohol-free and thriving. Annie Grace and Denise touch on the hidden costs of "moderation" and the science behind why it doesn't work for everyone, what helped her overcome doubts and cravings, and so much more. If you're feeling stuck or unsure, this episode is for you.

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