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This Naked Mind Podcast

May 21, 2021

After moving from the United States to Mexico and back to the U.S. before she was 10 years old, Onowa lost her mother. Ultimately she ended up in different U.S. foster homes on the Mexican border. At 15 years old, Onowa would cross the border with school friends and do shots of tequila in the bars. Her one constant was school - she loved to learn and do well. External success drove Onowa, but after college she knew alcohol was starting to change who she was. Despite marriage, a home, a Master’s degree, and children, Onowa could not shake the anxiety, worry, insomnia, and overall ill feeling. It felt like a double life. Now free from alcohol and certified as a This Naked Mind Coach, Onowa shares what changed for her, how family and friends have responded, and what life looks like today.

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