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This Naked Mind Podcast

Sep 11, 2021

On this month’s coaching episode, This Naked Mind Head Coach Scott Pinyard welcomes TNM coach, Lorna Wilson. Lorna specializes in people using alcohol over 60 who want to change their habits. Sometimes this switch can be difficult and Lorna explains why by sharing her own story: 

Nearing retirement doesn’t mean all stress from life magically disappears and Lorna found her relief in a bottle of wine. But just like many of her clients, she began to take a look at her life and health and reflect on what had happened. 

Lorna’s freedom was found in her curiosity which led her to pick up a copy of This Naked Mind. Find out why ‘alcohol=ethanol’ hit home so deeply for her and where curiosity led her from there.

Lorna and Scott also answer these inquisitive questions:

  1. How have you seen people handle a widening gap in their marriage due to one spouse continuing to use alcohol when the other is AF?
  2. How do you let go of the guilt and shame of things you’ve said and done while intoxicated?
  3. Have you seen people at the age of 73 change their drinking habits? Is it worth it?

Join them in the conversation, and be sure to listen until the end to find out Lorna’s answer to Scott’s curveball question.

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