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This Naked Mind Podcast

May 18, 2018

Sashi Tozzi started drinking at 15 years old as a way to overcome her shyness and social anxiety.  By the time she turned 20, things had escalated to the point where her family staged an intervention with her about her drug and alcohol use.  After 6 more years of heavy partying, she made the decision to give sobriety a try and hasn’t turned back since.  Now, Sasha is a writer, recovery coach and rapid transformational therapist who wants nothing more than to help others find the same “joy, passion, love, and purpose” that she found.  Sasha shares her story with Annie and they discuss how she is now able to function in social settings without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. Sasha also gives some great advice on how to talk to a loved one who might be drinking too much from the perspective of her own personal journey.

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