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This Naked Mind Podcast

Sep 29, 2018

How do we avoid trading one addiction for another? Is it always a bad thing to replace our focus on alcohol to something new? Join us as Annie shares her advice on this issue and some of the tools she personally used to refocus her energy when she gave up drinking!


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Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg  

Sep 28, 2018

Annie Grace heads to New York City for today’s interview with Greg!  Listen in as Annie and Greg discuss their thoughts on the effect alcohol has on the social fabric of NYC, as well as the disproportionate impact that drugs and alcohol have on the gay community.  Greg shares the reasons HE stopped drinking and gives...

Sep 22, 2018

It seems expected to go through a period of guilt and regret while on the recovery journey, but  is it possible to make this a positive experience instead of a chapter full of self-loathing and guilt? If so…how? Can we avoid letting this “white space” get the best of us? Annie gives her advice on how best to get...

Sep 21, 2018

Hang out with Annie Grace as she interviews Sherry Gaba - author, psychotherapist, and a certified recovery coach (most notably on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab)!  Sherry discusses the ins and outs of “love addiction”, the fear of being alone, and the dangers of trading alcohol addiction for other addictions – including...

Sep 15, 2018

From baby showers to funerals – alcohol is everywhere we turn.  Has it become the glue that holds our social life together? And what do we do with this issue of loneliness when we’re the only one not drinking? Annie Grace gives us LEGIT answers and resources to lighten the load of feeling lonely.

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