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This Naked Mind Podcast

Jul 31, 2021

If you find yourself going down a shame spiral or feeling completely embarrassed about your drinking escapades of the past, this reader's question is for you.

Annie walks through the three layers of emotion, which will help get those feelings “unstuck” from inside you. Once you’re on a path towards truly letting...

Jul 30, 2021

For Charlotta alcohol was her place to hide. To hide from her emotions, to hide her drinking from those she loved and to hide from herself.

She found solace from this lonely place after discovering that a good friend had given up drinking. Curiosity took over for Charlotta and through the discovery of This Naked Mind...

Jul 24, 2021

So you’re facing a night out with friends and the nerves have taken over?

Are you going to miss out? What if you don’t have as much fun? What if your friends think you're not as much fun? Will you be bored?”

In this week's reader question, Annie tackles these internal thoughts and the external pressures of heading...

Jul 23, 2021

Angele's story starts out like many of ours where alcohol was in the house and easily accessible growing up. But her early-in-life encounter led her down a path of inward discovery where she attempted to explain why her emotional experience with alcohol was much different than her drinking friends.

Annie and Angele...

Jul 17, 2021

Today’s question comes from a reader who is no longer tempted to drink during the week or drink at home but still worries about how to navigate situations where alcohol is expected to be part of the overall experience. She is frequently wined and dined for work and isn’t sure how to handle events and turning down...